Stop BEDWETTING forever!

with the


Night Ollie Bedwetting alarm

Say good morning to dry nights

(and better sleep for you and your child)

Are you?

Frustrated, ashamed, embarrassed, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed about the uncertainness with your child’s bedwetting?

Loosing of sleep?

Feel like you have lack of understanding about bedwetting?

You have increased washing & dry?

You feel you have tried everything?

Is your child ?

  • Missing out on social development activities (camps, sleep overs)


  • Fearful of peers finding out


  • Lack of confidence


  • Worried and anxious

Let's solve bedwetting

  • The solution is the Night Ollie bedwetting alarm and mat.


  • Natural, safe and effective


  • Non invasive to your child


  • Proven results in weeks


  • Help your child regain their confidence today!

Empower your child and help them become aware and be confident to stop their bedwetting today.

What is bedwetting?

Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) is the inability of children to rouse from their sleep. Most parents report that the child is a “deep sleeper”.
Some people can wake to the slightest sound, bless our
bedwetters, they can not wake to the loud thunderstorms, dog barking, or the party going on next door.
Teenagers state they “know
they need to get up for a wee, but couldn’t wake up properly”.


Step 1

Place the mat on the bed

Step 2

Connect the alarm to the mat and cover it with a thin cotton sheet

Step 3

Position the alarm away to encourage the child to get off the bed and turn off the alarm

Step 4

When urine hits the mat, the alarm will activate

Set your child up for success with the Award Winning Paediatrician Approved

"Safe, reliable, and sustainable bedwetting solution for children and teenagers"


For bed wetting children aged 7 years and above

Recent studies suggest that 7, 8 and 9-year-olds will respond and become dry within 6-8 weeks with a minimal chance of relapse. Children over 10-year-olds to teen years can achieve becoming dry within this same period, however the initial achievement of 21-days-dry (which is an essential part of the process) may take a little longer.

Research shows 7 to 9-year-olds are usually dry in 6-8 weeks. Children over 10 may take a little longer to sustain the 21 dry nights. Support and guidance during this time is very important.

Recent studies suggest that 7, 8 and 9-year-olds will respond and become dry within 6-8 weeks with a minimal chance of relapse. Children over 10-year-olds to teen years can achieve becoming dry within this same period, however the initial achievement of 21-days-dry (which is an essential part of the process) may take a little longer.’

After 14 consecutive dry nights, families that have restricted their childs fluid intake before bed are encouraged to give the child one glass of water at bedtime for the next 7 nights. This is called over-learning and will provide families confidence that the child can remain dry even after fluid intake prior to bedtime.

In a class of 25 secondary school students, 1 or 2 will be wetting the bed at night! These teenagers may have suffered years of many failed measures: medications, restriction of fluids, body-worn alarms. They refuse sleepovers, and school camps are very stressful.They do not like friends visiting during that day due to the odour. The Night Ollie Program is suitable for this age group.

What if does? Night Ollie support throughout the process assists in the analysis of progress, and thereby evidence-based decisions can be made week by week to suit the individual child. Not all bedwetters progress at the same speed. Most families who experience setbacks do not give up on the program as the child or teen’s progression far outweighs the negatives. Most children or teenagers WILL become dry using the Night Ollie Program.

About the founder

My background as a mother of a child who wet certainly gives me first-hand experience of how bedwetting impacts us parents and the child.
It wasn’t until working in the bedwetting clinic as a nurse for 30 years at a large public children’s hospital in Melbourne that I truly understood the impact and sheer numbers this very hidden problem involves.

Even today, the thrill of having a family contact
me with the news the child is now dry gives me such pleasure.

Please let it be your family next.

Fond regards,
Linda Sullivan

What's included?

Night Ollie Alarm
A charming companion light up alarm
Loud sound & tone alarm for deep sleepers

Large surface mat for more protection .
Extra Vibration stimulus .
Suitable children & teens
Durable, Flexible, Soft, Comfortable & Waterproof
Easy to wipe clean
Sensitive urine detection 

Power band
Hold your matt in a space saving roll.
Reward your child’s achievement or progression.

Why wait?

Get the supportive system with all the help, information, tools you need to tackle this problem and
work towards giving you and your child all a peaceful and restful night.

What our happy and relieved families are saying...

Our daughter went to school
camp on Thursday and she did not wet the bed. This is something we had spent many hours worrying about and she managed to achieve a dry night due to the help of the Nightollie bedwetting system. It has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders..
Thank you.

To be honest when I first read the advertisement which it stated 98% effective, I was very skeptical. My 7yo daughter was still in pull ups.
I thought let's give this a go.
My daughter is no longer in pull ups and has been dry for 4 weeks now! I would highly recommend this system.

We are so pleased with Night Ollie and the service you provide. We had success within the first 3 nights and it has done absolute wonders for our daughters confidence and self esteem.

This alarm gave our daughter a sense of control over her own habits and really allowed her to celebrate her success and understand that this was very normal.

The Night Ollie system was a lifesaver for our family, I was relieved when in just in 3 weeks we went from wet everyday to every second and completely dry in just 8 weeks. The system is easy to set up and use and loud enough for me to hear even though I have significant hearing loss and the support we received each week from the guys at Night Ollie was fantastic.

If you’re looking for a system that really works THIS is it I highly recommend Night Ollie to anyone and everyone
Thank you for everything you saved my sanity

I strongly recommend the night ollie system. My 9 year old’s nightly bed wetting was sorted within 2 weeks. I wish i’d done it years ago! lovely support, great product and effective system.

Thank you Night Ollie for helping us to create the kind of “normal” that my son had longed for a very long time. We got this!!!!

Night Ollie Bed Wetting Alarm

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  • Free Online Educational Support
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  • 1 x Sound & Vibration USB Rechargeable Alarm
  • 1 x Large Surface Mat For More Protection
  • 1 x Power To Me Diary
  • 1 x Progress Diary
  • 1 x Power Band Special Gift

"Say good morning to dry nights "