Night Ollie

Bedwetting Alarm

Award-winning Night Ollie Program, with bell and pad alarm, is a safe, reliable and sustainable bedwetting solution for teenagers.

An Award-winning and Paediatrician Approved Bedwetting Alarm

  • 1 x Sound & Vibration USB Rechargeable  Alarm
  • 1 x Large Surface Mat For More Protection
  • 1 x Power To Me Diary
  • 1 x Progress Diary
  • 1 x Power Band Special Gift
  • Free Online Educational Support
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Has bedwetting affected someone you know?

Families can often drive themselves crazy trying to find a reason for their child’s bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis) other than bedwetting is a sleep problem, that is a problem with the child not being able to rouse from their sleep if they need to wee during the night. 


  • Is NOT a psychological problem (something wrong with the child)

  • Is NOT an environmental problem.(bedroom too cold, moving house)

  • Is NOT their fault nor yours, although some families have a genetic disposition to bedwetting. (your marriage broke down)

  • Is NOT a direct result of drinking too much water before bed. (they should be able to wake up if they need a wee)

The cause and effect will come up in conversation, parents desperately wanting to “blame” or find an excuse, and then they will be able to solve the problem of bedwetting. These excuses vary greatly but are all incorrect in trying to solve the bedwetting problem.

Stress is one of the most asked questions as to the cause of bedwetting.

When people are stressed, the stressors of the day will either send them into a deep sleep or they may have trouble falling asleep. If the child is prone to wetting, they will wet the bed.

Research shows that when successfully treated, anxiety in children is greatly reduced. Parents will blame their separation, while this is hard and stressful for all, it is not a cause for bedwetting.

Unfortunately, many families go through this and not all the children from divorced parents are wetting.

Recently I had the privilege of helping an 8-year-old in an Indonesian orphanage.

The “father” stated that in his 12 years of running this particular orphanage, this was the only child they had who wet the bed. This child certainly slept deeply it was reported.

This is proof, that environment is not a cause of bedwetting. 

After completing the Nightollie program, this child is now free from bedwetting.

$456 AUD

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Loved By Many Families

I strongly recommend the night ollie system. my 9-year-old’s nightly bedwetting was sorted within 2 weeks. I wish I’d done it years ago! lovely support, great product, effective system. it is so good not to have to buy nappy pants anymore not to mention daily washing. best of all my son is now no longer stressed about his upcoming camp. and sleepovers will be so much easier for him. thanks linda!

nigh ollie alarm

3 Easy Steps

Simply set up Night Ollie Alarm following the 2 easy steps in the instructions manual.

Safe To Use

When the mat is wet, the alarm will sound. Hygienic, safe, and tamper-proof.

See Results Fast

Your child is encouraged to rouse to walk to switch off the alarm.

Why Choose Night Ollie?

Why Choose Night Ollie?


Results in 3 Weeks
No Wait Time
Suitable for children and teenagers
Safe, reliable, and sustainable bedwetting solution for teenagers
Supports restless & deep sleepers


Get it now for only

$385 AUD + FREE SHIPPING + Bonus Book For Mums